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One simple product can help grow your small groups by 34% or more.

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We created a simple product and process for growth.

Combine our easy process with one of our Bible study products and increase your growth by 34%-200%. Our products are easy to use and have been tested successfully by churches of all sizes. 

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And 2,000 Other Churches Nationwide!

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"Those in Sunday school classes and small groups are more likely to be informed and functioning church members."

Thom Rainer: Church Researcher


"We took our entire church through it. The product works!"

Jud and Lori Wilhite: Senior Pastor : Central Church

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Our Process

We built the process and product by understanding you and your desires. Your time is valuable. You want to see growth. Results matter. That's why you'll love this solution! 


You've got a problem and you don't even know it.

Losing people through the "back door" is a common problem for churches. People slowly drift away and leave because they don't feel engaged. A 4-6 week focus on small groups builds both commitment and relational connection that helps you avoid losing members. 

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Pick A Study

We asked a simple question. What topics do people really care about? We built our small group Bible studies around real felt needs.

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Freeway Study

The "Freeway" small group study is focused on God's grace and how we can live free every day. 

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Wonderlife Study

The "Wonderlife" small group study helps people find purpose in their imperfect stories and help others. 

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Tested. Proven. No financial risk.

We know that financial resources are often a barrier for many churches so we decided to eliminated all the risk.