Life change happens best in circles, not rows.

We are passionate about life-change and so are you. Research shows that small groups create community, commitment and spiritual growth. Our group studies are simple, fun and designed to maximize spiritual decisions by people.

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Numbers do matter.
Especially this one.

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It's fun, Biblical and people actually want to do.  

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We made the process hassle-free for everyone.  

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Church leaders love the results! Both numeric and spiritual growth.


Next Steps

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"If you want to see your church grow, stop trying to attract people and start trying to engage people."

Carey Nieuwhof
Pastor & Church Leadership Expert

See The Results

Here's what happened when churches used our "Freeway" and "Wonderlife" small group resources.


100+ Decisions

"Over 100 people accepted Christ during our Freeway series."

Jon Weece: Southland Church

150% Growth

"We saw a 150% increase in our small group participation."

Toby Slough: Cross Timbers

500 New People

"Over 500 people moved into our connection groups."

Gene Appel: Eastside Church


Our Products Include Free:

Group Videos
Sermon Transcripts
Leader Training
Graphics & Files
Case Studies

You only pay for the workbook.


"The level of engagement and conversation was extraordinary!"

Gene Appel : Senior Pastor
Eastside Christian Church, Fullerton, CA

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Our Promise To You

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User Friendly

Builds spiritual formation in a fun and easy way.    

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We keep it Bible based and focused on God's grace.  

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Hassle Free

Church leaders manage a lot already. We made it turn-key for you.