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"Wonderlife: A Not-So-Perfect Guide to Who You Are and Why You're Here" is a 4-week video Bible study to help people find their purpose and passion in God. Drawing upon Psalm 139 and how we are fearfully and wonderfully made, this curriuculum will help you discover how God uses imperfect people.

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Trusted by

"This has been the best church wide study we have ever done."

Dan Slagle: Lead Pastor at Church:SD

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Church  Results

Here's what happened when churches used our plan and small group resources.


150% Growth

"We saw a 150% increase in our small group participation."

Toby Slough: Cross Timbers


100+ Decisions

"Over 100 people accepted Christ during our Freeway series."

Jon Weece: Southland Church


500 New People

"Over 500 people moved into our connection groups."

Gene Appel: Eastside Church


Simple Process

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Includes FREE:
Group Videos
Sermon Transcripts
Leader Training
Graphics & Files
"How To" Guide
Groups Coach
Case Studies

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Study Topics


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Find Purpose In Pain

Discover how God redeems our not-so-perfect stories.

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God's Life Plan

Learn about a God that loves you and has a plan for your life.  

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Helping Others

Learn how you can better love and serve others for the kingdom.

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Meet The Author

Mike Foster is a pastor, best-selling author and friend of imperfectionists. He lives in San Diego with his wife, two children and a fluffy dog. He trains leaders around the country on how to counsel people and create healthy connection. Get a free copy -->


Inside The

Simple Readings
Discussion Questions
Fun Exercises
Biblical Teaching

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Are there hidden costs?

Nope. All you do is buy the workbook from us and we give you all the other resources, videos and tools for free. Our Pastor's Dashboard has everything you would need.  Click Here to Access

Do you have case studies from other churches?

Yes! A few, in fact. From church plants to mega churches, we would love to show you the data.  Click Here to Download Case Studies

Is there another book that goes with the workbook?

No. The entire "Wonderlife" experience is self contained. The short readings, fun exercises and group questions are all inside. We also stream all the videos online or through Right Now Media. 

What if I don't sell all the workbooks?

Our goal is for you to have the right amount of resources. Most churches run out and re-order more but if you have books left over, don't worry, we'll refund you your money. Just send them back and you're golden!

Do you have group leader training?

Yes. We offer a training course called Rescue Academy to train all your group leaders and volunteers. We are also filming some simple free content filled with tips for your small group leaders. We will keep you posted. 

What types of people does this connect with?

We design our resources to impact a broad range of demographics by focusing on real felt needs and keeping the design and experience simple. Wonderlife has been used in middle school all the way to 65+ and powerfully connects with both men and women. It is also very effective with people who are new to groups.